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Agricola Romice

Project Details

The development of this project is based on the powerful content management system WordPress. It operates under a fully customizable layout with devices (Responsive Web Design) and is optimized for SEO; Besides being integrated with WooCommerce we have become a catalog of products, which are being incorporated slowly due to the large number of products and their multiple features of each product supports this website.

For the agricultural sector, it works perfectly clean website, intuitive (easy to navigate) with current trends in design and functionality.

We have also built a very interesting for Quote function, we have integrated directly into the product catalog, that is, when the client interested in buying a product instead of sending it to the shopping cart, you can add the product to the quotation list and continue browsing. In case you are interested in more products, you can select other items and add them to the quote at the end fill your contact details in the application and the seller can contact the person and review the product or products that are being requested. This option is very viable when we are talking about very expensive products such as heavy machinery and agricultural machinery, among others.

The duration of the project from development and design was approximately 15 working days. Additionally photographs of the products and the rest of the web site graphics were edited, resulting in optimal image quality and lightweight storage space is reflected in the speed of loading site.

Launch Project
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    Jul . 11 . 2022

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    Agricola Romice

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  • Agencia de Viajes Anhelo Viajes Celaya