MSI Live Music Tour
MSI Live Music Tour

Responsive Web Design

MSI Live Music Tour

Project Details

It is a web-based WordPress with a very attractive responsive theme visually, with the trends of current web design, we take care to give life to this web of artistic Agency Barcelona Spain, adjusting its contents, editing images for funds have a light without losing image quality size, adjust measures logo, photo gallery, etc.

One of the trends in web design is the parallax effect and this website takes advantage perfectly, basically the effect is that while it moves through the web by scrolling the background seems to move at a different speed giving a depth effect and enabling see parts that you did not see before.

Having relatively little content in general, a single page containing all the information from the web divided in their respective sections is a viable alternative for some types of projects, and this is the case.

different design programs were needed to carry out the adaptation of this fantastic wordpress template. Of course with responsive web design to devices.

Launch Project
  • Category :

    Responsive Web Design

  • Date :

    Jul . 11 . 2015

  • Client :

    MSI Live Music Tour

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  • Moda Cliché
  • Flyer Grupo Elite